The Art of Painting Nails

by Gurleen Kaur from Bronx Academy for Software Engineering

         Painting nails is a pure example of creativity. Not only does it convey how much talent a person has, but also emphasizes on the likes, and dislikes of a person. For instance, girls usually like painting their nails in ways which can best represent them. It can either be characterized as a hobby, an interest, or just a form of art that some like to do in their free time. Another really exciting thing about painting nails is the opportunities it can bring along. An example of this are the competitions that are held each year where hundreds of participants compete against each other by producing spectacular, and glamorous looking nails on the hands of models. 

         In regards to what is stated above, most women like to paint their nails as a result of how they look. In fact, in some cases it increases their self-esteem, and versatility. Similarly, nail painting is very versatile as well, ranging from all sorts of simple to more complex designing. Varied options, and techniques also play a huge part. Some of the examples are water marbling, ombre effect etc. These techniques along with the others are utilized to jazz up simple nails. In addition, it can also bring a pop of color to the outfit that someone is wearing. As you can see, painting nails is a very creative form of art which a lot of people enjoy doing.

    About Me

  • Two things that I am good at are drawing, and painting my nails.
  • Two things that I like to do are drawing, and listening to music.
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