#catcalledAgain, an initiative by Christina Carter

Now, we have all heard how getting catcalled makes us feel, or even how we should stop complaining or even how catcalling is flattering and we should deal with it already! But one of the most recent response is my friend Christina Carter’s . I will use her own words, since she says it so well. A great hack it back, using the web, a hashtag and her own personal website to disseminate a message. I’m saddened initiatives like this have a space in the world to exist but excited that, even when we may feel alone when we are catcalled, we can see that we are not. 

————————From Christina’s personal website: 

"I’m so tired of being harassed on the street every day. Walking to work, to the subway, to the grocery store, to the coffee shop, to anywhere, I get catcalled. The intense rush of Anger, Embarrassment, Fear, floods my body until I can barely breath. Every Fucking Time. Every hiss, every whistle, every kiss, every ‘hey girl, smile’, every ‘mmmmm mm’, every ‘what’s up baby?’, every ‘beautiful’, wears me down.

My instinct is to fight back, to talk back, to not let someone make me feel like utter shit without standing up for myself. Courage likes adrenaline so- ‘fuck you’, ‘fuck off’, ‘this is what’s up (finger)’, ‘do you have something to say to me’, ‘nobody asked you’. All of this adrenaline soaked courage falls on deaf ears, instigates more harassment, or makes me feel truly unsafe. And then suddenly the adrenaline is gone, heart pounding out of chest and into throat, and I feel more like shit than I did before.

I know I’m not alone. In fact, I know I am in great great company. But it’s the most isolating thing to be catcalled - it makes me want to disappear, dissolve into the sidewalk until I get to my destination.

Talking back isn’t enough for me anymore, so I’m going to tell the internet every time I’m #catcalledAgain. I don’t know for how long I’ll do this, or how it will make me feel but I’m going to give it a go. If anyone wants to join me, I would love your company.”
Let’s join her. Next time you are catcalled, use #catcalledAgain and join us in showing how many times this actually happens.